Who is Manassah Bradley?

Manassah Bradley

Manassah Bradley brings over 20 years of experience as a senior business advisor, educator and entrepreneur offering business planning and strategy services from startup through maturity. Highly regarded as an engaging facilitator and consultant, he has guided thousands of business owners, CEOs, students and entrepreneurs to success.

A kid from the streets of Boston turned entrepreneurial business executive, Manassah draws on deep and wide-ranging knowledge of business disciplines and their interconnectedness to deliver bold, strategic solutions. He has helped clients think through business models, develop effective business plans, raise millions in capital and create strategic, pragmatic growth plans for long-term success. Through keen business and interpersonal insights and a passion for building businesses, he forges strong, lasting connections with his clients.

Manassah holds an MBA in entrepreneurship from Babson College and a B.S. in economics from Northeastern University.

  • Sr. Program Manager for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses national cohort at Babson College
  • Virtual Business Advisor with the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses national cohort
  • Sr. Business Advisor for the Massachusetts Small Business Development Center
  • Sr. Business Advisor/Facilitator for Interise’s award winning StreetWise MBA
  • Business coach for BASE – Babson Alumni Supporting Entrepreneurs
  • Strategy consultant for the Boston Equity Initiative
  • Board member Massachusetts LGBT Business Network
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship from Babson College.  Ranked #1 in the world for Entrepreneurship
  • 20 years’ experience working with both aspiring and existing small business owners
  • Have helped thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners think through their business model, develop effective business plans, raise millions in capital and create strategic, pragmatic,  growth plans for long-term success
  • Founder | The Power of 21 | www.powerof21.org


“Manassah is an extremely strong business consultant. He possesses an extremely high level of “business common sense” and is very adept at thinking outside of the box. He has the ability to see things objectively and resolve perceived issues. His communication skills can be understood by all levels within the organization. He is a superior teacher, who excels with both small and large groups. He has also been invaluable in assisting me with “outside of the box” thinking as it relates to my own business marketing/networking opportunities.”

“Manassah is great to work with. He listens to you, zeros in on core issues that need work, and provides logical steps to improve the issues.”

“Manassah possess a great business mind and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with him on one of the most challenging projects that I have been engaged in — designing and starting a new business enterprise. Throughout the entire formation of the business from ideation, incorporation, and launch phases, his insights, direction, and input helped provide a solid leadership voice at every stage. I not only suggest that you will be lucky to work with him if you have the chance, but heartily recommend that you take the opportunity to become his friend. He is a great person in addition to being a great business resource.”

“Manassah has been a valuable asset to my business. I first met with Manassah in July of 2010 and he was very helpful in modifying my business plan. As result, we increased our sales by 16% over the prior year. This year Manassah has continued to review my progress and new ideas to be sure they will result in an increase of sales or a more streamlined operation. As the sole owner of my corporation I’ve never had anyone to review my ideas and offer a second opinion. I feel very fortunate to have someone with as much business knowledge as Manassah to meet with. I would highly recommend Manassah to any business owner.”

“Manassah provided some business consultation to me and a colleague who were considering a joint venture. Manassah is a very gifted and caring consultant. His approach to his work was educational, and rooted in years of real world business experience. He provided us with creative ways to accomplish our goals and a realistic set of expectations and action steps for our unique situation. I highly recommend him as a trusted advisor, straightforward communicator, and resourceful business consultant.”

“Manassah is truly an entrepreneur whose intellect and passion comes through in every venture he has undertaken. I participated in a series of Entrepreneurship Training workshops and was fortunate to have Manassah as co-leader and coach for those workshops. Among the many things that I learned from him was how to create effective Business Plans, which has become a valuable reference for me to this day. I would recommend Manassah to anyone who is seeking a business leader, partner or coach.”

“Manassah Bradley is professional, knowledgeable and has an excellent sense of humor. I mention his quick wit because this allows him to communicate in a clear and entertaining fashion the wealth of knowledge and experiences he brings to the table. Yet behind his humor is a very thoughtful and determined man who has earned my respect.”

“Despite having an MBA (from the premier entrepreneur incubator, Babson), Manassah actually knows what he’s talking about. He’s done it. He’s built successful businesses, advised others on starting, growing and saving their businesses, and he actually follows his own advice as he continues to launch new ventures of his own. He has a solid academic foundation, a firm grip on reality, and speaks plainly. He demystifies the black art of entrepreneurship and boils it down into easily digestible bites. It’s not magic. It requires following a few basic rules, and then putting in some serious sweat.”

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