Pain Points

Predictable and particularly problematic

Every business owner, no matter how capable, committed or successful, faces questions and challenges over time. While each business is unique, certain difficulties are somewhat predictable — and particularly problematic.

We specialize in helping small business owners address the pain points.

Pain Points

The Stall

How do I get my company back on track?

The business was doing fine, crushing revenue and profit goals, and the future was bright. Now, suddenly, we’re in a steep decline without understanding why — and unsure how to get things back on track.


The Hamster Wheel

How do I get off the hamster wheel while growing the business?

Thanks to our expertise, drive, passion and hard work, business has taken off. But we’re fatigued. We’re working 24/7 and feel like we’re on a hamster wheel. We don’t know how to get off, and need support and a plan to continue to grow before we crash and burn.


The Shift

How do I adjust my business model to a shift?

After a period of consistency and predictability, where we understood our strengths and place in the industry, we now see change on the horizon. We know this shift will impact our business model, but we don’t know how to prepare or respond.


The Broken Needle

How do I jumpstart a business that’s neither growing nor failing?

We’re working hard and making smart decisions. Despite our aptitude and best efforts, though, nothing is happening. We don’t know what to do to move the company forward.


The Transition

How do I transition my company to my kids and prepare them to take the helm?

We’re first-generation business owners transitioning our baby to the next generation. We need to know our business will be in good hands, and the new guard needs a strategy to preserve and grow our legacy.

Perhaps you see yourself in one of these scenarios or are facing a challenge or crisis that defies categorizing.

Either way, we can help you work through it.

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